Server-side polling timeout

Server-side polling timeout

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I'm using DataTables in connection with server-side filtering.
So, every time my search field is changed a request is sent to the server.
For example, if I have "cat" in the search field and I want to search for "dog" and I delete "cat" letter by letter and then type in the "dog" it will produce 7 requests to the server: "cat", "ca", "c", empty filter request, "d", "do", "dog".
So, we would get 6 useless responses before we get what we really ask for.
It would be great if the request wouold be sent if only the search text was modified earlier then 1 second (configurable) ago.

Is it possible to get this functionality with the current state of the software?

Thank you.


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    I think what you are looking for is this plugin:

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