FixedHeader makes table header twice

FixedHeader makes table header twice

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I still learning with this great tool and I have little problem with FixedHeader addition. I just have default setting, no custom codes.
And looks like (same in IE, Chrome, Firefox):

I have read some similar posts here (, but I don't know what exactly I have to change.
Any ideas?
Thank you in advance, Johncze


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    I more or less have the same problem with FixedHeader. In top of my table I have some fieldsets. All the fieldsets can kind of collapse (a div is set to display:none). When this happens the table is moved upwards but the column header duplicates. One headers stays in place, the other moves with the rest of the elements.
    You can find my example code at

    I tried with removing and adding the fixedheader.
    var oTable= $("table#offertelijst").dataTable({ "bRetrieve": true });
    var oFH = new FixedHeader(oTable, { "top": true, "bottom": true });

    but i don't think this works. You'll have to refresh the fixed header in some kind of way
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