IE8 performance issue when using many columns

IE8 performance issue when using many columns

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I am using DataTables in a web application. It find it very useful and customizable, but I have found there are some problems when rendering on Internet Explorer 8.
I am rendering a table with over 300 columns, but only about 20-40 are visible at a time.
The columns were declared using "aoColumns", I have also se "bDeferRender" as true(although I do not think it helps) and almost no HTML code is pre-generated(tr, or td, only a thead and a tbody, both empty). On the latest version of Firefox, I get a creation time of about 0.5-0.7 ms, which is absolutely fantastic.
The problem is in IE8, where the render time is 2.2-3.5 seconds(for respectively 25 and 45 visible columns), which, to my mind, is very slow.
The blocking points are in the creation of the dataTable object and in the fnCallback function in fnServerData.
The render time specified above doesn't include the server calls, they involve only client-side processing.

Here is an example of how I generate the table, but for some reason at the moment of writing this, it doesn't work because, apparently, jQuery is not found. What is more, there are only 285 columns available, but it should be enough. I will be trying to fix it, but it should give you an idea of how the code looks like.

How can I speed up the rendering?



PS I am also using ColVis, ColReorder and FixedColumns, but the first 2 don't have a big impact on performance, only the last one is a bit slower.
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