Accept bitcoins?

Accept bitcoins?

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this is somewhat of a plug - I've gotten into the Bitcoin community and find it a fascinating project and way to send/receive payments. any chance you'll want to start accepting donations via Bitcoin?


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    Interesting subject and one I've been thinking about. Donations as they were will no longer be accepted because of how UK tax law requires me to operate the business now ( ), but I will have a license that can be purchased for DataTables which is effectively the same thing - that will be done along side 1.10. The license isn't required, and DataTables will remain fully open source, but it is just a nice way, to support the project, will keeping my accounts sane :-)

    At the moment its difficult enough to do other currencies such as $ or €, but I will be looking into it. Bitcoin however might be even more difficult since I don't think the Bank of English will publish accepted conversion rates. So that's a barrier to my accepting bitcoins at the moment, unless yourself or anyone els win the community knows how to address that?

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    I couldn't find a good consensus or authoritative source. Most people are winging it, but use widely published exchange rate from the dominant exchange ( as published on or other sites.

    You can get price information at a given date by using the "custom date" filter on their charts pages, i.e.

    Note you can get that price data in table format by clicking the "Load raw data" link below the chart.

    (or use the json link that this is fed from, if you wish to automate that - ).
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    Thank you for the information. I'll be looking into this as part of the site upgrade that is due soon.

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    You might want to check out PaySwarm ( ) and Meritora ( )

    -- Randy
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