Add attributes like "data-" to TDs -- How-to

Add attributes like "data-" to TDs -- How-to

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I needed to have attributes added to the TD in my dataTable.
As I thought to use RowCallback would be to late to add those attributes and also because all is in the aoColumns, I mean the descriptions of the cells, I thought of of solution:

- added a field "aAttrs" in the column description which is the attributes I wish to add
- to change _fnCreateTr to take into account those news attributes.

So, to add an attribute like data-type="text", I simply put in my column descriptor a aAttrs:{ 'data-type': 'text' }

and I modified the function _fnCreateTr around line 1122 like:
nTd = document.createElement( oCol.sCellType );

if ( oCol.aAttrs && typeof oCol.aAttrs == 'object' ) {
for ( var at in oCol.aAttrs )

/* Render if needed - if bUseRendered is true then we already have the rendered
* value in the data source - so can just use that
nTd.innerHTML = (typeof oCol.fnRender === 'function' && (!oCol.bUseRendered || oCol.mData === null)) ?
_fnRender( oSettings, iRow, i ) :
_fnGetCellData( oSettings, iRow, i, 'display' );

What do you think of this ?
Let's say I would be extremely pleased if this could be validated in the next version ;)

Thanks for your attention.


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    Final Note:
    I didn't force the attributes to be "data-" like to remain open.
    But that is not necessarily a good idea.
    So maybe the attribute have to be set like:
    Forcing them to be all "data-" like
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    Currently there isn't a built in option for this in DataTables as you are seeing, but it is the very next thing I'm looking at implementing as part of the DataTables v1.10 work. It also needs to take into account orthogonal data ( ), which is where I think the real benefit of using data attributes will come into play.

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