Server-side processing

Server-side processing

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Thanks for the beautiful plug-in.I am new to datatables.I used server-side processing example but though it goes to the last page it shows processing. Though i used to make bProcessing as a false it sends request to the server side for processing.I such case,what to do if i dont want to send the request to server when i will be at last page?? please guide me as early as possible.


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    If your JSON returned from the server valid: ?
    Can you post a link showing an example of the problem?

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    If You go as: Examles--> Data Sources--> Server-side processing---> go on clicking till last page--> after last page also it shows label inside it as processing.That means,a call is going to the server side. If I want to this call when i will be at last page or at first page what to do???
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    i dont see a problem. what browser are you using
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    The solution i got over it is i was using 1.6.1 version of jQuery.datatables.js
    and should use 1.6.2 version.Because of that it not works well in Mozilla firefox and chrome too.

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