Licensing for demo_table.css?

Licensing for demo_table.css?

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I'm new to DataTables, and I'm quite impressed by its quality and feature set. DataTables is sure to improve the usability of my sites, and I'm having great fun experimenting with its features. I've been using the example table on as a starting point for my experiments. The example makes heavy use of styles from

It would be nice to be able to use a customized version of demo_table.css on my sites, but this file does not seem to use the GPL v2 / BSD license that the rest of DataTables uses. Is there any chance this file will one day be GPL v2 / BSD licensed?


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    Yes, it is the same license as the rest of the package. All files in the download package are covered under the same license, including the demo pages if you really wanted to use them...

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    Wonderful! Thanks for the quick response.
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