Using Fixed Header

Using Fixed Header

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I have read and reread the documentation on this plugin, but I must be missing something.

When I use new FixedHeader(), I get an extra header row, slightly above the original. That one stays in place as it should when the page scrolls. Is there css somewhere I'm missing that is making that display incorrectly?

I also tried to use FixedHeader as in the code below, but when I do I get $.fn.dataTableExt.FixedHeader is not a function. The jquery versions I'm getting from google are also below.

I apologize if I'm missing something obvious, it's not for lack of looking.

google.load("jquery", "1.3.2");
google.load("jqueryui", "1.7.2");

var oTable = $('#aum-overview-table').dataTable({
bJQueryUI: true
,"sPaginationType": "full_numbers" //could set this to two_button if we don't want all the buttons
,bAutoWidth: true
,bFilter :true
,bPaginate : true
,bProcessing : false
$.fn.dataTableExt.FixedHeader( oTable );


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    It sounds like there might be an offset issue with FixedHeader. Can you post a link to an example showing this please? Also what browser are you using?

    Regarding the second point - the code to initialise FixedHeader should be "new FixedHeader( oTable );". There was an error on my documentation there, but correct in the code... page updated:

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    Hi Allan-
    Thx for the response. I can't actually point you to the page, since it's still in development, but I figured it out! There was a in the table, and as soon as I removed that the header row was positioned correctly. The issue was happening in both Firefox 3.5.8 and IE 7.
    So it works great now, thx very much.
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