exclude columns from export

exclude columns from export

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Hi Allen (and everybody else),

i got a DataTable containing a lot of attendee-related data and 2 columns displaying different types of date & time. I need one for my export (the data is feeded into a access-app) and the other one for sorting in the DataTable. My problem is now, that i could not find any way to exclude columns from the export.

Could you lend me a helping hand?

Thanks a lot!


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    TableTools exporting columns is currently based on the column visibility in DataTables. Future versions of TableTools will offer more flexibility in this area, but at the moment, you might need to change the visibility of the columns when the export is hit - or add a small hack into TableTools to do what you want.

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    Hi Allen,

    thanks for your answer. I hope future version come fast. :)

    wish you best! K.
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    I am inserting a row using the code below. Is there a way to have that row displayed when using TableTools?


    "fnDrawCallback": function ( oSettings ) {
    if ( oSettings.aiDisplay.length == 0 )

    var nTrs = $('#savedreports tbody tr');
    var iColspan = nTrs[0].getElementsByTagName('td').length;
    var sLastGroup = "";
    for ( var i=0 ; i
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