FixedHeader - initial issues

FixedHeader - initial issues

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I've just added the FixedHeader plugin to my table. It works straight out the box, but I'm getting the following issues:

1) The headings are wider than the originals
2) When I click on a heading to sort by that column - it works but - I get the following JS error:

that is not defined
[Break on this error] });jQuery("thead th",a).click(function...nction(d){var c=this.fnGetSettings();

Which relates to (in FixedHeader.js)
jQuery("thead th",a).click(function(){that._fnCloneThead(d).call(that)})},_fnCloneTfoot:function(d){var c=this.fnGetSettings();

I'm using FF3.6 on XP.

Is anyone else having these issues?


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    Hi adam,

    Could you say which version of FixedHeader you are using? v2.0.1 which was released last week might address your second point. It seems to work okay here in Firefox 3.6 certainly: .

    For the first issue - this obviously shouldn't happen, but the width calculation is a bit trick in tables - so I might have missed something. Could you post an example of this occurring? Likely it will be paddings or margins or cell spacing etc.

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    I seem to have the same problem, also getting
    [code]that is not defined[/code]
    it only occurs for me in IE, Firefox works fine.

    And I used the latest version of FixedHeader

    For me it goes wrong in this line of code

    [code] jQuery('thead th', nTable).click( function () {
    that._fnCloneThead( oCache ).call(that);
    } ); [/code]
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    okay, fixed it. Noticed the download is v2.0.1 but on your example page v2.0.2 is used. With that version it is solved.
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