displaying saved csv/xls files

displaying saved csv/xls files

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hi guys,
question - how can i display a saved file on screen? ideally, what i would like to do is when you click on the "save to..." export button, to be able to save it and then to automatically bring up a new window (whether its browser window or app specific) that displays the file on screen. any ideas?



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    Unfortunately this isn't possible when saving files on the client-side with Flash (which is what TableTools is doing). Because it's actually writing to the file system locally rather than using the browser to do it - there is no opportunity to send a MIME type to tell the browser which application should be used to open the file. If this is mandatory for your application, then what you need to do is construct the file on the server-side and download the file from the server, through the browser with a specific MIME type.

    Hopefully something that will become possible in future versions of Flash. I'm sure it already is in AIR...

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