Form input question

Form input question

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I'm using an int to define CRUD permissions to an object. I want to provide an interface to manipulate those permissions. The int is a byte, 8= C, 4= R, 2 = U, 1 = D. I have datatable displaying this information using the bitwise operator. I would like to set checkboxes on the form with the fields as defined above. What can I do to set the checkbox with the appropriate setting based upon the row data? Can I somehow use the bitwise operand again?


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    There isn't a built in option for Editor to show a bitwise combination on the radio boxes (the built in radio option just works directly on the value as a whole), but what you could do is have a plug-in field type which does exactly that. There is a tutorial for field type plug-ins available here - , and you could use the built in radio type as a starting point - it would just need the value method to be updated to do a bitwise operation.

    Sounds like a very useful plug-in to have :-)

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