jeditable and Editor

jeditable and Editor

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I'm trying to get jeditable to work with Editor so that users can click on cells and edit them to ultimately update the database. If I remove the Editor from initialization I can get jeditable to work, however nothing ever gets updated to the database. If I keep Editor in then jeditable no longer works for editing cells. I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out. Thanks in advance!


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    There is no jEditable integration option for Editor at the moment. It is possible, using the API, to use the information from jEditable to edit values, but its not an optimal solution and you'll need a link between the two APIs.

    Editor 1.3 will include a bubble editing option which will be a bit like the inline editing of jEditable, but without the reflow / sizing problems.

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    Thanks for replying! I guess I'll wait to see what Editor 1.3 looks like as far as editing the cells directly goes.
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