FixedHeaders .DataTables_sort_wrapper sizes

FixedHeaders .DataTables_sort_wrapper sizes

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Hi all,

i've implemented FixedHeaders on a client app because the table was a bit long and he wanted to have headers available while scrolling the DTT.

I then had problems with columns width which were not matching between the cloned thead and the original one. This was due to the .DataTables_sort_wrapper dimensions not trasmitted to the cloned ones.

I've manually updated the uncompressed JS for the FixedHeader Extra in _fnCloneThead.


if( jQuery(this).find( '.DataTables_sort_wrapper' ).length > 0 ){
jQuery("thead>tr th:eq("+i+") .DataTables_sort_wrapper", nTable )
.width( jQuery(this).find( '.DataTables_sort_wrapper' ).width() )
.height( jQuery(this).find( '.DataTables_sort_wrapper' ).height() )


Just thought i should share in case someone has the same problem as i had.

Thanks again for the extras which are awesome to use !

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