Option to generate table in the background

Option to generate table in the background

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Right now, my table of about 200 records takes so long that it's blocking the UI. After profiling the JavaScript, it seems it spends most of the time changing the innerHTML. I'm guessing that it does this in a loop so it'd be rather easy to either divide it into separate chunks so that it can execute via setTimeout, allowing the UI thread to update from time to time.


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    200 records takes a long time?! It should be virtually instant. Can you link us to the page please?

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    To my mind this might be a browser related issue.

    Anyway, I agree with Allan. For instance I work with tables around 500 to 2.000 rows and averaging around 10 columns per table and using jQueryUI. I get instant results for everything below 1.000 rows, and above 1.000 rows it takes less than two seconds for the browser to display a completely rendered page.
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