bStateSave negating bVisible

bStateSave negating bVisible

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I think this is a bug... If bStateSave: true then if you change a column to be bVisible: false in the code, the column shows anyway. Is this a feature or a bug? Is it supposed to maintain visual state too?

Steps to Reproduce.
1. Initialize a Datatable with bStateSave: true and columns visible
2. Run the table in your favorite browser.
3. Change your code to have columns invisible.
4. Run the table in your favorite browser again. (notice that the invisible fields are visible)
5. Remove bStateSave or set it to false.
6. Run the table in yoru favorite browser again. (notice the invisible fields are now invisible)


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    I had this problem too, but then I read Allan's comment on this forum post and it seems to have fixed it:

    State was being saved in a cookie from when I previously had the column visible, so I deleted my cookies from my browser and bStateSave registered the newly-hidden column as being hidden.
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