sFilter bug with modifier key

sFilter bug with modifier key

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Bit of an edge-case, but I thought I'd flag this up as a bug: if a user uses the sFilter param to rename the containing div of the search field, then the field loses its selection when a modifier key is released.

I found this as I renamed the sFilter div to "dataTables_search" avoid confusion with the checkbox filters I implemented, and doing so resulted in an inability to select all the text in the input field. Pressing CMD+A selects the text correctly, however releasing the CMD key deselects the text again. (it also occurs when using SHIFT+[arrow key])

I narrowed this down to line 2103 of dataTables 1.9.4 as it attempts to explicitly select 'dataTables_filter': [code]$(this).parents('div.dataTables_filter')[0][/code]


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    Thanks for spotting this and flagging it up.

    I've actually rewritten the filtering input creation and control code as part of the work I've been doing for 1.10 so this issue is no longer present in the current development software. That will be released as part of 1.10.0.

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    Can't wait! Thanks for your continuing work on dataTables Allan.
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