FixedHeader Recreate

FixedHeader Recreate

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Thank you firstly for the help with my previous issue.

I am working with FixedHeaders, the examples on the site work perfectly on the site, so the problem is probably related to my CSS/JS elsewhere. I haven't been able to identify what though.

I am also using UI Tabs.

When a tab is loaded I am using $(document).ready(function() {}) to create the dataTable()'s and then using FixedHeader().

This works ok except I have to resize the window to get the dataTable Header to be the correct width. I've got round this by using a setTimeout to run fnUpdate() on the FixedHeaders to resize them.

The headers are all correct at this stage.

When I come to reload the tab, the DataTables are created ok, the FixedHeaders are rendered but they could be the previous FixedHeaders or the new ones. Either way they don't line up with any of the tables, in addition the HTML from setting bInfo and bFilter to true is displayed with the Headers as well as in the correct place with the DataTable. In the correct place with the DataTable the HTML works correctly. If I don't use FixedHeaders there is no issue with bInfo or bFilter when reloading a tab.

I've tried destroying the Table on tab change:


The FixedHeaders don't scroll (I am sure they are drawn because the CSS for FixedHeaders is applied and if I view source a Cloned Table exists.) the DataTables still exist and work. The JavaScript error I get is:

n is null
[Break on this error] {var i=n[side];while(n=n.parentNode)

Which is something to do with _fnSumScrol( n, side ).

I hope I have provided enough info, I've tested this in FF3.6 and Chrome with the same results.


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    see my post:
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