proper use of scrollX and scrollY

proper use of scrollX and scrollY

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I have a huge table with many rows (exceeding the browser page), and many columns(around 40).
I am also using colVis and multi select feature as well. All working fine.
But while including the "sScrollX' and "sScrollY', and using the colVis to deselect some columns, the multirows dropdown gets disappear.

I am simply using them as
"sScrollY" : 100,
"sScrollX" : "1000%",


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    Try using this.

    $(document).ready(function() {
    $('#example').dataTable( {
    "sScrollY": 200,
    "sScrollX": "100%",
    "sScrollXInner": "110%"
    } );
    } );

    or for the additional columns use this feature.

    I like to use this for showing the additional columns.

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    sScrollX should only ever be set to 100% - never anything else unless you understand it extremely well (I don't use anything other than 100%!). I'm going to add that to the documentation.

    Also don't use sScrollXInner - I was wrong putting that in at all and I'm thinking of removing it. The 1.10 examples certainly will not use it.

    If you are having problems with scrolling, please link to a test case as noted in the forum rules.

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