Issue with array field

Issue with array field

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I have a problem with the following example. Here two column that displays data from array.
It works fine when marked line is commented, but when it's uncommented, all data from columns "Car Models" and "Car Years" disappear.


var data = [
id : 1,
name : "Jack",
cars : [
name : "Mercedez",
year : 1960
name : "Ferrari",
year : 1965

$('#example').dataTable( {
aaData : data,
aoColumns: [
{ "mData": "id", "sTitle": "ID"},
{ "mData": "name", "sTitle": "Name"},
{ "mData": "cars[].name", "sTitle": "Car Models"},

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PROBLEM IS HERE
{ "mData": "cars[].year", "sTitle": "Car Years"}, // COMMENT/UCOMMENT THIS LINE



Ready example is here


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    Thanks for the test case. I don't know why that isn't working I'm afraid. I'll need to look into it a bit more. Bookmarked to ensure that I do look it when I have a moment to do so.

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