sType html seems bugged

sType html seems bugged

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Hello guys !

First, congratulations for the work achieved here. Your plugin is a great time saver !

But I found a weird behaviour, I read everywhere that setting sType 'html' to a column make its content parsed for filtering.

But in my developments, this doesn't seem to work (anymore ??).

I won't post an example because you have one in examples : go to the following page

Type 'href' in the search textfield and no line will disappear, meaning that the HTML code is considered in the process.

I have found a workaround to my problem by adding : "bSearchable": false to the html column (because I didn't want the column to be filtered at all).

And again, great library !


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    Correct - this is a known issue in 1.9.4 I'm afraid. It was introduced by accident in the 1.9.4 release - but is resolved in git (1.10 pre beta release). Good to hear you've got a workaround now.

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