TableTools with Bootstrap 3

TableTools with Bootstrap 3

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I had a problem with the info popups not appearing when copy or print buttons were clicked. Everything else seemed to work using your latest bootstrap3 .js and .css files, editor and dataTables code. I finally got it all working by removing the following lines near the end of "dataTables.bootstrap.js":
"print": {
"info": "DTTT_print_info modal"
This code seems to conflict with something in TableTools.js, which has to be included before dataTables.bootstrap.js.
Hope this helps someone.


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    Thanks for this - I'll integrate this into my files when I get back to the office on Monday.

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    @dnid- Hello Could you please tell me how you have initiated table tool and select multiple rows for Bootstrap 3.Mine is not working.You you post the code that'll be helpful

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    Thanks so much. You solved a big problem for me.

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