Excluding last column for TableTools export

Excluding last column for TableTools export

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How can I exclude the last column when using the TableTools extras to export?

I'm initializing several different tables with the TableTools extras. They all use the same initialization code.

The different tables have different number of columns. However, all tables have the last column in common, which is an 'action' column with buttons. When exporting with TableTools, it includes certain elements from this column in the export. I would like to exclude the last column (the action column) for the TableTools exports for all tables.

I am aware of the mColumns option but it appears you need to know the number of columns, which doesn't work in my described scenario.

Is there a way to achieve this type of exclusion without 'knowing' the number of columns in a table?



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    Sorry no - mColumns is currently the only way of doing it. TableTools 3 will be far more flexible in this regard, but that's likely months off while I focus on DataTables 1.10.

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