Print Button Issue.

Print Button Issue.

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My datatable has column with link as data and delete icon in one column, whenever I print this table it also shows the link for text in column and delete button in column. 'mColumns': [1, 2] didn't solved my issue. is there any other settings.


  • ajinkya_aherajinkya_aher Posts: 8Questions: 0Answers: 0
    Well this is not perfect I think so, but It solved my problem.

    var closePrintView = function (e) {
    if (e.which == 27) {
    $("#grid th:first-child, #grid td:first-child").show();
    $("#grid th:last-child, #grid td:last-child").show();
    a = 0;

    'fnClick': function (nButton, oConfig) {
    this.fnPrint(true, oConfig);
    a = 1;

    "fnDrawCallback": function (oSettings) {

    if (a == 1) {
    $("#grid th:first-child, #grid td:first-child").hide();
    $("#grid th:last-child, #grid td:last-child").hide();

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    The mColumns option doesn't currently work with the Print button. It will be made to do so in the next major revision of TableTools.

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