FixHeader Enhancement

FixHeader Enhancement

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If you use fixed headers in tabs (e.g. jquery ui tabs) then all of them will appear on the page if you switch from on tab to another. I have a hack that will work for the moment (not guarantee it will work in other situations though).
1) Add property div in oSettings:
var oSettings = {
"div": null,

2) in _fnCloneTable:

//document.body.appendChild( nDiv );
s.div = nDiv;

3) in _fnUpdateCache

/// {{hack}}
var s = this.fnGetSettings();
if(s.div && sCache === 'sTop'){
if(sSet === '0px'){
/// {/hack}}

Since tabs is quite common ui widgets these days, probably an update in the future for fixed header to work with tabs will be a good idea.
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