TableTools print all the rows

TableTools print all the rows

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I can't find any answer in the forum or in internet for my question.
I try to print only selected rows, but does'nt work: print all the rows. With other buttons works ok, but no with print.

This is my code in file datatables-tabletools.php :

[code] $tabletools_options = '{ "sSwfPath": "' . $swf_path . '", "sRowSelect": "multi", "aButtons": [ { "sExtends": "copy", "sButtonText": "", "bSelectedOnly": true, "mColumns": "visible"}, { "sExtends": "xls", "sButtonText": "", "bSelectedOnly": true, "mColumns": "visible" }, { "sExtends": "xls", "sButtonText": "", "bSelectedOnly": true, "mColumns": "visible", }, { "sExtends": "pdf", "sButtonText": "", "bSelectedOnly": true, "mColumns": "visible", "sPdfOrientation": "landscape", }, { "sExtends": "print", "bShowAll": false, "sButtonText": "", "bSelectedOnly": true, "sPrintOrientation": "landscape", } ] }'; [/code]

You can see onn the page:

Can any one help me, please?

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