Export to excel input column

Export to excel input column

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i have column that show input with button
and when i export the table to excel the clumn is empty
how can print in the excel file the value in the input?

thank you

this is the code more and less

var table = $("#Table").dataTable({
"bStateSave": true,
"bPaginate": true,
"bLengthChange": false,
"bFilter": true,
"bSort": true,
"iDisplayLength": 25,
"bInfo": true,
"bAutoWidth": true,
"oLanguage": {
"sInfo": "_START_-_END_ of _TOTAL_",
"oPaginate": {
"sPrevious": "",
"sNext": ""
"oTableTools": {
"sSwfPath": "./js/jquery/datatables/tabletools/swf/copy_csv_xls_pdf.swf",
"sRowSelect": "multi",
"aButtons": [ {
"sExtends": "print",
"bSelectedOnly": "true",
"sInfo": "Press Escape When Done",
"bShowAll": false
"sTitle": "Products"
"sExtends": "pdf",
"bSelectedOnly": "true",
"sFileName": "*.pdf",
"sTitle": "Products"
"aoColumns": {
{ "sTitle": "Quantity", sClass: "noClickable quantityCell"},
{ "sTitle": "Name)}

var data = [];
for (var i = 0; i < products.length; i++) {
var quantity = "


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