Table Tools Messages and Bootstrap 3

Table Tools Messages and Bootstrap 3

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When using Bootstrap 3 with Table Tools, the print message that tells the user to press escape does not show up.

This is because the dataTables.bootstrap.js file that extends the classes adds the class 'modal' to the message.

Bootstrap has this class with a property of display:none on it. You have to make the call for bootstrap to show the modal.
You can change the TableTools.js file function to show/hide it (approx. line 630), but I didn't care for the look of it doing it this way.
"fnInfo": function ( message, time ) {
var nInfo = document.createElement( "div" );
nInfo.className =; = "tabletoolsprintinfo";
nInfo.innerHTML = message;

document.body.appendChild( nInfo );
//added to show the modal
setTimeout(function () {

$(nInfo).fadeOut("normal", function () {
document.body.removeChild( nInfo );
} );
//added to hide modal
}, time );


I instead removed the modal class from the dataTables.bootstrap.js file on line 234 to remove the modal class...
//removed modal class
"info": "DTTT_print_info"
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