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Hello all,

At times (when you are reading this post is likely one of them!) you will want support with a DataTables specific issue. Be it an integration problem, CSS formatting, a Javascript error - whatever, it can be very useful to have support at hand. DataTables has a fantastic and growing community in this forum (and blog posts around the web etc) of very knowledgeable people, so please post your question in the forum and allow people to respond.

DataTables is an open source project run by just one person for the love of creating high quality software. Unfortunately (although it is not a bad thing!) the popularity of DataTables has got to the point now that I am unable to personally respond to every support request in the forum.

If you require or want support for DataTables, please post your question in the forum and then click the 'Support' button at the top of the page to make a donation. I'll answer your question as promptly as possible. The donation amount should be whatever the support question is worth to you - there is no fixed amount (although support packages might be considered in the future). Also please indicate the forum thread ID of your post in the support form. This allows me to track and prioritise support requests for which a donation has been made.

I will try to read all posts and take pro-active action if I believe there is a bug in DataTables - there is absolutely no question of the core software being unsupported!



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    A quick update on the state of support for DataTables - the volume of traffic to the site has continued to grow at a fantastic rate, and the uptake of DataTables along with it! I thank you all for your support and a special thanks to everyone who is answering forum threads - it's fantastic what has been achieved here!

    With the increased traffic, use of the forum has also increased and it's now got to the point where I simply can't keep up with all of the questions which are posted. I will endeavour to answer questions when I can, but if you want to ensure you get an answer, please hit the support button above and make a donation.

    I wish I could spend a lot more time on DataTables, I've got lots of great ideas for how to improve it in future and as I noted before, there is no question of DataTables not continuing to develop - it's just that my priority needs to be the day job as bills need to be paid :-)


    p.s. Please don't add support requests to this thread - they will be deleted :-).
    radova your post can be found here:
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    Great work Allan! I have a very small suggestion for the next release which will enable us to style the dropdown box used to change number of rows displayed (bLengthChange). Just adding an ID field in would be enough.
    I added an ID called sTableId+'_bLengthChange_select' to your datatables code and then used stylish-select ( to change look of the dropdown box. However, it would be great if we could have an "official" ID for this purpose.

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