Draw when downloading sLanguage

Draw when downloading sLanguage

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Is it a bug?

Create dT-object, declare oLanguage.sUrl.
Invoke redraw on dT-object
var table = $("#myId").dataTable({
$("#myId") already mark as dT-object, but load oLanguage is anisochronous, and we have
var sZero = oLang.sZeroRecords;
equal "undefined"
and exeption in _fnInfoMacros in
return str.
replace(/_START_/g, sStart).
replace(/_END_/g, sEnd).
replace(/_TOTAL_/g, sTotal).
replace(/_MAX_/g, sMax);

I offer use flag, that indicate what loading are not completely, and cancelled redraw.


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    It probably shouldn't throw an error, but it won't do very much even if it doesn't throw an error, since, as you say, the Ajax load is async. Use fnInitComplete to know when DataTables has completed its initialisation.

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    Yes, probably you right, but I not own or creator this code, it write people with different competension :)
    And I suggested what additional test not be over, and reliability are increase.
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