ColVis Button Does Not Hide Column Options When Reclicked

ColVis Button Does Not Hide Column Options When Reclicked

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I would like to have a table like the one on this page:

(How the initialization call appears to be so simple in the source is a mystery to me.)

And I have it decently close to right. This fiddle page ( hopefully hopefully makes clear what I am doing. However, there are several issues around the Show / Hide Columns button.

Primarily, when I click it, and it shows the options to display the five columns, it never hides them again. That is, when I reclick Show / Hide Columns, the row of checkboxes is still there.

Also, the button is too small and the row of checkboxes is ill-positioned. But those concerns are secondary.

Per, the oColVis object has only the following nine options:

aiExclude / exclude
bRestore / restore
fnLabel / label
fnStateChange / stateChange
iOverlayFade / overlayFade
sAlign / align
sRestore / restore

So I don't see anything that suggests toggling visibility of column options on each click. But it seems like that would be a default behavior anyway.



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    Are you able to link me to the page you are working on so I can take a look at what is happening? It sounds like there might be a Javascript error on the page when you click on one of the ColVis buttons.

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    I'm having the same issue, trying to pinpoint what may be causing the issue.
    A workaround that I will try is to add a "Deactivate button", pretty much same as activate on mouseover or click but removes the visibility.

    For the second part, you can move around the C in the sDom, that worked for me. move it around and see if any work for you. 'C<"clear">lfrtip', '<"clear">Clfrtip', '<"clear">lfCrtip'
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    so this worked for me, you need CSS for it.
    div.ColVis_catcher {
    position: absolute;
    z-index: 1101;
    once you fill it in there it works.

    Thanks Allen for such amazing software and support!
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