Editor Modal size

Editor Modal size

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Does anyone know of a way to change the size of a modal that Editor creates?

When using TinyMCE as the editor, the modal is way too small. Causes TinyMCE to not be big enough. I added the resize option to it, but that doesn't cause the modal to grow.


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    Its a case of modifying the CSS a little bit. If you look for `div.DTED_Lightbox_Wrapper` in the CSS you will see where the width of the lightbox is defined.

    At the moment you need to use the inspector in your browser to do that, or look at the CSS. The new documentation for 1.3 documents the DOM and class structures that Editor uses.

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    Ok.. good info. CKEditor is way too small also. Really need to fix that up.

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    I changed the CSS to this:


    It works a lot better. Fills the window much better.

    And CKEditor is usable now.

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    I have a similar problem

    With a table that has a large amount of fields, the modal div tucks itself behind my drop down menu that has a z-index larger than the modal so I cant click the DTED_Lightbox_Close div. So I wanted to change the "top:50px" and "height:70%" css settings in the DTED_Lightbox_Wrapper but this doesnt work.

    On inspecting the element somehow the element has acquired a style="opacity:1; top:0px" which overrides the css , but I cannot see where this happens in the js file

    I am using dataTables.editor.min.1.3.2.js and the corresponding min.ccs file.


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