custom paging with dynamically retrieve data from server.

custom paging with dynamically retrieve data from server.

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This is amazing tool i found. I appreciate your work. While working with it, I stuck into one problem
In my application, i need to handle large amount of data from server. For that i'm looking for custom paging which will retrieve only selected page data, but can show whole pages in datatable. All other options should be there, like filtering,sorting etc.. I tried to use boostrap plugin, but it doesn't work as expected. It shows paging for all data received from server. Is there any way make it possible using datatable ?
If you have any idea, how should i go further please let me know.


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    Sounds like you want server-side processing.

    The new manual for the upcoming 1.10 has a good description of the two processing modes in DataTables: .

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