How adjust the column width ? in Datatable?

How adjust the column width ? in Datatable?

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Well in my datatable i am having a column of contact address . As name suggests the column will have more text to be presented .

I need simply make my text to display in a good way rather increasing my column width . Increasing column height is OK but width should be fixed at any cost .

Example : case1: nvhs,street no-2,lone colony,paradise , newlands (---> this is my column data i dont want to display horizontally .


nvhs,street no-2,
lone colony,paradise ,
I want output like case-2 .

Please let me know if code needed . I have code not related to width . so i didnt post :)



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    Please link to a test case showing the issue, as noted in the forum rules.

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    Oops i am confused How to . i am getting data from database dynamically . And i am not sure i can link it to a test case .
    I can give you this info :
    i have tried using bautowidth likewise different things by my issue stays .

    As mentioned if i give a fixed column "sWidth": "20%" like that if incase data in the column exceeds i need to get the extra info in a new line of same column .

    I guess this explains my issue may be not completly but partially :)

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