Fixed Column & Table Tools

Fixed Column & Table Tools

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We have a table with row spanning and fixed columns which we are using with table tools, mainly to copy & save CSV.
I can't see that I can have the SWF local in jsfiddle so it's not working, but in my intranet it does work :)
However I have two problems.

1) when you use Print the fixed columns don't show

2) I've read everything you've posted about why a spanned table row can't be exported to CSV. I've thought about trying to redesign this table so that it has a single header but it would look very sad and compromised, the row span really is needed here. I saw the comment about it being open source and I was tempted to try. There are two approaches I can see that could work One would be simply to concatenate each column heading. So that in this example the top line of the CSV read:

, Team, Quota, Total, Mon 19 Br, Mon 19 Lu, Mon 19 Di, Tue 20 Br, Tue 20 Lu... etc

This would work really well, if you had colspans then repetition would be fine.
The other approach I thought about would be if you could design so that you new one row in a multiple row head had all the columns then you could pass that row as an index number into the initialiser. What would be even better would be if you could specify on that row the CSV col heading you wanted maybe as an attribute eg
<tr><th data-csv-heading="ID#">#</th><th data-csv-heading="Name">Team Name</th><th data-csv-heading="Q">Quota</th> etc

I'm not really a great JS developer, but I'd like to try, wondering what other people think about this? Compromising the design doesn't feel like the answer. It would be good if there was some way to specify the CSV heading output you wanted, maybe this could just be in the initialiser to override what is in the table.

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