Parent-Child - expand details without using ajax

Parent-Child - expand details without using ajax

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First of all, great job on the update guys!

I'm working on a page that has a DataTable. The TableData source is currently being sent as just an HTML table on the rendered page, and works perfect. However I want to be able to expand the rows to show detailed information.

Very much like your example here:

However, the site I'm working with currently does not have any sort of web services set up on it yet, so I won't be able to make ajax calls to get the expanded information like your example uses.

Is there a way I can supply all of the necessary information for the parent child relationship on a fully rendered page?

Can I somehow nest the table data to get this, or tell DataTables to make every other table row a child of the one above it?

Any help on a direction to go with this would be appreciated.


Also posted this on Stackoverflow:

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