Use both 'os' and 'multi' ways of selecting of rows

Use both 'os' and 'multi' ways of selecting of rows

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Is there a way to use both os and multi modes of operation to select rows? That is, I'd like the default os way (which allows selecting multiple rows using 'shift' and 'ctrl' like in the os) while having a single click toggle the selection of a row (as it works in multi) - and not clear the current selection and select only this row, which is the way os operates by default.

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    Currently no. The os style option is designed to mimic how operating systems provide select and in all three basic OSs I've tried recently, a single click will select a single row.

    You could probably modify the TableTools code to match the behaviour you want. Its already there in the code, since that's what the ctrl click command does - you'd just need to move a bit of code around.


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