1.7 beta2 bug only on IE7/8

1.7 beta2 bug only on IE7/8

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I found this strange bug, that seems to appear only in IE7 and IE8.
If I create a table with vertical scrolling and put this table inside a with "display:none" style (to show later, or inside a dialog box), IE detect a Javascript error on line 4713 of "jquery.datatables.js"

This is the line in your js code:
oSettings.nTable.style.width = (oSettings.nTable.offsetWidth-oSettings.iScrollWidth)+"px";

Everything works fine in google chrome and firefox.


$(document).ready(function() {

oTable = $('#sample').dataTable(
"sScrollY" : "250px",
"bProcessing": true,
"bPaginate": false,
"sDom": '<"top"f>rt<"bottom"ilp><"clear">',
"aoColumns": [
{ "sWidth": "100px", "bSortable": false },
{ "sWidth": "400px", "bSortable": false }






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    if your table is being updated but is not shown then IE7/8 will fail at that. you could simply have
    if (oSettings.nTable.style.width) {

    //allans code

    it worked for me!
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