Specifying buttons of export

Specifying buttons of export

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Please I am using Datatable in a PHP project
Here is my table
var table =$('#example').DataTable( {
"dom" : 'T<"">lfrtip',
"tableTools": {

        "aButtons": [
      "sExtends": "csv",
      "sButtonText": "export",
      oSelectorOpts: {
        page: 'current'

        "sSwfPath": "/DataTables-1.10.0/swf/copy_csv_xls_pdf.swf"
} );

I want to make this buttons inserted in the top like this example
var tt = new $.fn.dataTable.TableTools( table );

$( tt.fnContainer() ).insertBefore('div.dataTables_wrapper');

Please can you help me to specify the buttons to be displayed, I don't like all of them!

Thanks a lot for you help. I appreciate it!

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