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I'm trying out Editor, and I can only seem to get data from the data table into the edit when I use column indexes. That's ok, but I don't want the column index to be used in the post to the server, si I try to use the field properties data for the column index and name to name to value in the POST. But when i do

                label: "Namn:",
                name: 'name',
                data: 1

the data doesn't show up in the editor. Same thing if I switch name and data.


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    The key is to be consistent - if you are going to use objects, use them for the table as well as Editor. It makes things a lot easier in the long run in my experience! How are you loading the data at the moment? Can you have the server return an array of objects when DataTables requests the load of the data? There is some documentation on that in the manual.


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