Datatables pagination issue.

Datatables pagination issue.

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I have a question related to jquery Datatables. Here is my datatable code. My search criteria consists of 36 records. Initially it is displayed in 4 pages, 10 records per page.

In the first page it displays 1 to 10 records of 36 records.when I click on next, it goes to second page. In the second page it displays 11 to 20 records to 36 records.

In this page(i.e second page) when I select 25 records per page, it changes to 11 to 35 of 36 records. One more record still exist.

But in the pagination the Next Button is disabled, but when I click on next it is displaying the row.

The Next button is disabled still one record exists in the other page.It should not be disabled when the records exist.

Can you please tell me what could be the error? Here's my code:

Customer ID Mesage Date Created

"bProcessing" : true,
"bServerSide" : true,
"sAjaxSource" : "./getDetails",
"sPaginationType" : "bootstrap",
"bPaginate" : true,
"bJQueryUI" : true


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