fnOpen() API doc example incorrect

fnOpen() API doc example incorrect

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the example code given in the fnOpen() and fnClose() API documentation does not work.
'this' in the inner click() callback is the newly opened row not the parent on which the original open happened.
The documentation there is consistent with the example code, saying that the info_row is the one closed, but
the plugin source code suggests that close should be called on the same object as open was called on.
So outer this should be saved and passed to fnClose().
This is how I got that example working.

'string - class to give the new row'
whereas the current code assigns a new class to the TD within the TR.
Maybe the example was written for an older version of the plugin that behaved differently and not updated since?



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    Hi jnm99,

    Very good points! Thank you for posting this. I've updated the code example to get the usage correct, and also clarify where the class name will be applied.

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