JEDITABLE datatable submit onkeyup

JEDITABLE datatable submit onkeyup

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Hello Everyone,
I am pretty new to the datatable, I have a requirement to edit some columns in a datatable. I was able to implement it with jeditable plugin. I have set the css class of the columns I want to edit with ".my_class". The issue is jeditable is not having feature to submit the changes onkeyup, now it is only working onblur. When I change and directly click on a button it is not submitting the data table updated value. Below is how I am setting to make it editable. Any help is greatly appreciated.
$('.my_class').editable( function( sValue ) {
var aPos = oTable1.fnGetPosition( this );
var aData = oTable1.fnGetData( aPos[0] );
aData[ aPos[1] ] = sValue;
return sValue;
}, { "onblur": 'submit' } );

- Sunny.


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