KeyTable 1.10.0 initialisation with options

KeyTable 1.10.0 initialisation with options

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The documentation for KeyTable suggests initializing with options using:

var keys = new $.fn.dataTable.KeyTable( table, {
"focus": [ 1, 0 ],
"focusClass": "cellFocus",
} );

But this doesn't seem to work. Neither focus or focusClass seem to get used. Using something like:

var keys = new $.fn.dataTable.KeyTable({
"table": tableSelector[0], // the table element
"datatable": oTable, // the datatable
"focusClass": "cellFocus",
"focus": [0,0]

Gets further but I then get an exception when it attempts to do the focus in _fnCellFromCoords on the line:

if ( typeof _oDatatable.aoData[ _oDatatable.aiDisplay[ y ] ] != 'undefined' )

It seems that aoData is undefined.

Am I initializing KeyTables correctly?


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