How to handle a lot of datatables on one page?

How to handle a lot of datatables on one page?

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Hi everyone!

I recently start using datatables, and it is great and easy to use. However I got this problem which I can't find solution for.

I have a tree of departments, and for each department I show products which are used on that department. Every department has its own datatable on this page. Page shows tables for all children departments of the selected department from the tree. My problem is when I have a really big tree, and my root node has like 500 departments as children.

Sometimes it happens that loading of the page takes like 10 minutes, which is unacceptable. Now I understand that there is a lot of data for loading, but my queries are pretty fast, the most of the time goes for initializing 500 datatables.

Does anybody have any suggestion how can I solve this?

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