Data correct, but wrong page number

Data correct, but wrong page number

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Hello all,

I'm using datatables with server-side processing and fixedColumns and am really glad Alan made Datatables,
so I don't have to :).
The only issue I'm currently having is with the paging and statesaving. State saving is working for search fields,
column sorting and global search, but is behaving weird with the paging.
When the data is loaded the first time, we get page 1 with data for page 1. Then the user selects page 2,
which gets page 2 with data for page 2, so far so good. But when the user reloads the document, the data gets loaded
for page 2, as it should, but is displayed as page 1?

I was trying to reproduce the behaviour on, but I'm not sure how to get the serverside processing to work.

In any case, to anyone helping out, thanks in advance.

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