Scroller plugin fill speed and IE

Scroller plugin fill speed and IE

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This isn't really a fault but more an observation.

I'm using the latest scroller release 1.2.2-dev and datatables 1.10.1-dev.

I have a database with a fake 1,000,000 records for testing and I'm using Ajax with server side paging and everything works fine.

I have been messing with the display buffer setting and what I have noticed is that browsers like Firefox can refresh a new set of data in approx 5 to 6 seconds but it can take IE (all versions) up to 11 to 12 seconds with identical calls.

I can lower the display buffers which is fine but I wondered if this is something that can be tweaked or its simply another IE flaw.

"deferRender": true

"scroller": {
"loadingIndicator": true,
"displayBuffer": 60


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