Copy CSV PDF functionality not working sometime.

Copy CSV PDF functionality not working sometime.

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I have four datatables on a tab.
All the datatables are created on application load.
One datatable has expandable datatables inside each row of it.
One datatable is recreated on checkbox click which is given in the same tab below to that datatable.
Two other datatables are normal.
The problem is that copy csv pdf functionality sometimes work and sometimes it doesn't work at all. If I clear the cache of browser even then it doesn't work sometimes, and sometimes starts working after cache clear of browser.
If I click on checkbox , copy csv pdf functionality starts working only for the one datatable, out of these four which is recreated on checkbox click.
copy csv pdf always works for expandable datatables which are created on click event of one column of the datatable.
No error is coming if I inspect.
Same issue on chrome browser.

At the same time copy csv pdf always working fine for other datatables which are given on other tabs.

Any help will be appreciated. As I am stuck with this production issue.


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