Bootstrap tooltip not working correctly with DataTables

Bootstrap tooltip not working correctly with DataTables

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Hi all,

I'm using DataTables with Bootstrap, and I had a question about the tooltips. While I can get the Bootstrap tooltips to show, they end up shifting everything in the highlighted row to the right. Is there a way to stop this from happening?

Attached is a Fiddle that shows what happens. If you hover over the values "Ari Satou" and "Accountant" in the first row of data, you'll see that everything in that row shifts. I'm sure I'm missing an obvious solution, but at this point in time I'm not entirely sure how to solve this issue. Thanks!

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    This question isn't really related to DataTables. It is Bootstrap's tooltip and placement messing up the table which is working just fine. So you should probably search on stackoverflow. There seem to be related questions when I search bootstrap position tooltip

    But to point out the obvious, the div tag containing the tooltip which looks like it's inserted right after the td is throwing the table off. If you can insert the div with tooltip into the td it should work

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    You're right, it is Bootstrap's tooltip placement messing with the table. For anybody who's interested in a solution that worked for me, check out this answer on StackOverflow.

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