More frustration

More frustration

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Now trying to enable stateSave with ColVis. Works fine sometimes, but frequently when the grid is reloaded with different parameters the whole thing narrows down to a strange looking mashed up view with everything skewed to the left. The CSS for the table is 100% width, and its container is set to 1400px width.

As usual, and a huge part of the frustration with dataTables, I can't post a link to an example unless I had access to a Sql Server instance and could make ajax calls all in The standard approach at of a static HTML table is not really a real world example of how web pages are built these days, and everything works fine in that simplistic setting.

It works fine on full page submit, or reloading the grid in a new browser session. It just seems that dataTables isn't very well built when it comes to full ajax-enabled development where the grid is refilled from a JSON object coming back from an asmx web service. I've also had no luck setting the aaData directly to the ajax call, I always have to make the ajax call in a different procedure and then pass the JSON returned object to a table filling procedure.

Does this sound like a rant? Apologies. Very frustrated. Trying to keep my employer from thinking they were better off with the Obout toolset they were using until I got here and told them it was crap.

Bob Graham

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